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To Know and Love God by David Clark

To Know and Love God: Method for Theology (Foundations of Evangelical Theology)

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Product description from the publisher’s website:

David Clark addresses foundational questions of systematic theology, arguing that while one goal of theology is to attain knowledge about God, mere knowledge is not its chief end. Knowledge of God is intended ultimately to guide and govern a life of love for God. This book deals with the nature of theology and presents a method for doing theology whose goal is both knowledge and wisdom. This volume in the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series is a book that all beginning theology students should read, but its depth provides food for thought for more advanced students and teachers.

Crossway Publishers has graciously allowed us to publish “Chapter 3: Theology in Cultural Context” below.   It contains excellent principles for ministering in our globalized society and for approaching ministry in way that is culturally relevant and biblically sound.  The content can be somewhat technical (it is a theological textbook), but if you take the time to thoughtfully read this chapter I  believe it can provide you with some great insights.  Please note…

Copyright information: This excerpt from To Know and Love God by David Clark copyright 2003 (pages 99-131) was used by permission of Crossway Books, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers, Wheaton, Il 60187, www.crossway.org. It is copyrighted material and may not be published or distributed without permission.  If you find this excerpt helpful we encourage you to purchase the book.

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